Envy can strike when you're raising children.  You want it all for your children -- you want to be in a position to give them the best of everything, and sometimes you notice that some children have opportunities, talents and objects that your children don't have.

I tell my children, "When you play the compare game, no one wins" which means you simply can't compare your life with another -- we're all complex individuals with so many gifts, challenges, life circumstances and opportunities.  Spending time comparing yourself to another will not make your life better.  Noticing that someone has something that you want, on the other hand, provides you with information about yourself and your desires.  Think about why you're envious -- what is it about that person's life that hits a cord and causes a reaction?  Do they have something you want to eventually have?  Have they created a life that you'd like to live? Then think about how they got there?  What's replicable through hard work, saving, education, planning, and what can be attributed to their "lot in life," circumstances.

Think about your unique gifts and situation.  Not one of us lives life without a unique set of strengths, gifts and challenges.  Design your life -- work towards your dreams.  Stay in touch with those that challenge you, and happily share in their gifts and privileges if possible.  No one can be it all, but our experiences in life are enhanced and enriched through our relationships with others.  If you're not able to keep in contact, move on and live your own life.

Walking the road of life presents us with many people and situations -- some of those events and people support us, essentially "hold our hand" as we walk the road.  Others challenge us to think deeply about who we are and what we want.  Time is wasted trying to judge another or hitch a ride on another's journey -- they're going to walk their road, follow their path and make their choices.  Your power is in creating your own life for you and your children; you can affect your children's path in a positive, life-enhancing way.

Envy is a powerful emotion.  At it's worst it's an emotion that can tear people apart and ruin relationships.  At it's best, it's a call to think more deeply about who we are as individuals and how we want to live our lives.


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