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Planning a Staycation

I'm planning a staycation, and what does that mean? It means I'm planning an extended time of fun and recreation right here at home.

What will be included?

Health Club
We belong to a health club that has many amenities--a budget-wise staycation means taking advantage of those amenities we pay for such as swimming in the pool, working out with the machines, and taking classes.

Bike Trails
There are many bike trails in our midst, and a good staycation means taking advantage of those trails for exercise and adventure.

There's plenty of conservation land all around me--lands that include mountains, hilltops, lakes, rivers, and more. Hiking is a great way to spend time during a staycation.

Restaurants, Picnics, and Home Cooked Meals
Knowing when local restaurants, food fairs, and farmers markets are happening can make dining special.

Free Concerts, Art Fairs, and Other Performances
Knowing when these special events occur also is a good addition to any staycation.

Great books an…

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