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Family Culture and Special Events

Last night I attended a special event for one of my sons. It took a bit of extraordinary planning to attend the event, and I am so glad we went to the lengths we did to be there for my son and his many classmates who celebrated their graduation from The Basic School.

The bottom line is that we have to be there for our loved ones' special events as much as possible since being there is what it means to create and support a strong family culture. While we planned well to be there, we could have even planned better. I think I was a bit shy about the event as I didn't know what to expect. It was a new endeavor for us, something we had not experienced before. I remember feeling this way at my sons' college graduations too.

As I think ahead to special events to come, I want to be cognizant of the following efforts to make special events successful:

Research the event. I did find a video of this event online and watched it. That helped me to know what to expect in terms of dress,…

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