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Growing Our Ability to Team and Teach Well

For the past three years, I've worked in a shared teaching model. Three classroom teachers work together to teach all the fifth graders in our school. Together we design a program that meets system and state-wide standards and expectations. We work to design and promote a program that's culturally proficient, engaging, and inclusive. We aim to teach every child well.

Our program includes many different structures including the following:
Rotations for specific subject areas, projects, and topicsTeam days when the whole grade level is focused on a similar learning objectiveResponse to Intervention (RTI) times when students are separated into lots of different short-term, flexible groups based on needs, interests, and abilities .Field studies and special events. The three classrooms are located next to each other so there is easy flow of students and teachers from one classroom to another. We typically house materials related to specific disciplines and projects in each classroom…

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