Parenting: Great Gifts #1

As a child I received many great gifts from my parents.  The gift of adventure is one of the greatest gifts my parents gave to my siblings and me.

Our family had many, many adventures.  They began with the plan.  Dad visited the local library during his lunch hour to research a local adventure spot and plan the trip.  At the dinner table at night, all six children and my mom listened to Dad tell about the adventure -- the time line, the location, the preparation needs.  I started visualizing the event right then and there.

The next few days or weeks were spent preparing the necessary items for the adventure, then we were off. Crammed in our Ford station wagon with all the preparations, we took off for oceanside, mountain, city or forest adventures.  These are the adventures I remember most.
  • A one-day trip to New York City for fine food and touring.
  • Day hikes up many, many New England mountains.
  • Forest trails.
  • Skiing.
  • Bike hikes to friends and family members' houses, parties.
  • Beach hikes and body surfing.
  • Boston day trips.
None of my most memorable adventures were fancy, expensive resort adventures.  Instead, they were mainly trips to state and national parks, museums and historic sites.  All of the adventures provided my family, and sometimes relatives and friends, a time to have fun together in beautiful settings, rural, urban and suburban.  The adventures provided us with common experiences and traditions that we still enjoy today with our own children.  Hence, I believe that positive parenting includes creating and executing family adventures for all to enjoy -- it's one of the greatest gifts a parent can give their children.  Thanks Mom and Dad!


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