Thanksgiving Thoughts: Families Change

I'm about to launch the Thanksgiving Day preparation.  As I begin to clean through cupboards and closets to prepare for hosting family and friends, memories of past Thanksgiving days come to mind.  As a little girl, I always anticipated the holidays with excitement.  My mother is a wonderful baker and cook.  She's also a woman with a magnanimous spirit so our holidays were always filled with many people, wonderful foods and traditions.

My husband's mother had a similar love for festivities, family and celebration.  As an artist, she always created a warm, inviting holiday atmosphere in her home with wonderful decorations, a blazing fire and delicious food.  I learned a lot about family, entertaining and cooking from both my mother and my mother-in-law. They kept the traditions alive and strong.

This year it's my turn to host the family.  Everyone won't be here as our family is large and many will be gathering with others or traveling, but there will still be a large group in our not-so-big split-level home.  I've hosted the event before, but this year I have a bit more energy for the event.  I'm recognizing more than ever that families change, and what happens this Thanksgiving will never happen in exactly the same way again.

Holidays are memory-making events, the time that can strengthen, or sadly splinter families.  It's a chance to check in on each other, pause to remember the times past, play and laugh with the little ones, and speculate on the future.

As host, what's important is setting the stage by making my home as comfortable for my guests as possible and preparing delicious food. It's not the size of your home, the objects you keep or the money you make that creates a memorable family holiday.  Instead it's the spirit you convey--the welcoming, kindness, and care you share.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!  I wish you a wonderful day with the family and friends you love.


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