This is the Time: Summer Camps, Jobs and Internships

Winter is the best time to research and plan for summer jobs and camps.  It's the time to find optimal internships, job opportunities and camp scholarships.

Often the families and students that can profit most from camp scholarships and internships start too late when it comes to research and application.

Hence, if you know a family or student(s) that can profit from a summer internship, job or camp scholarship, I suggest the following:

Camp Scholarships
  1. Begin by researching camps that match your child's interests.  Often, more selective, costly camps will have greater scholarship availability than local camps so don't limit your selections at first.
  2. Once you've identified a number of possibilities, read the fine print about summer scholarships, then apply.
  3. Don't hesitate to contact local park and recreation, school system and other public agencies too regarding summer camp and day care.  There are often many available opportunities, but it might be a case of first come, first serve.

Internships, Summer Jobs
  1. Create a resume.  Look for a model template online to guide your work.  Have a teacher, family member, friend or librarian look it over for accuracy. 
  2. Research internship and job opportunities. Start with a broad search including national parks, conservation corp, local agencies and more.  
  3. Identify potential prospects and start sending out your resume with a cover letter.  
  4. Follow-up with a phone call asking employers what the decision time line is like.
  5. If your initial try is unsuccessful, be prepared to try again.  Starting early, means you have time on your side.
Some might scoff that it's too early to think about summer, but for those who are unconnected to optimal opportunities, starting early provides the extra time needed to access life enhancing experiences.  

Good Luck!


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