Being There Matters

More than a fancy vacation, expensive toys or wonderful social experiences, simply being present with your children matters most.

I was reminded of that yesterday when I ran into a woman I know.  She was telling me about her children's happiness and endeavor.  Then she made a remark that inferred it was luck that caused all of these positive events.  While luck and fate definitely play a role in life, I know, in her case, it was much more than that.

I have watched this woman over the years repeatedly and lovingly make time for her children and those that care for them.  She has been present in their lives in a loving, caring, supportive way each and every day, and it was clear that her presence still plays an important role even though her children are scattered around the globe.

Parents wear many hats as they support their children, and amongst all those parenting roles, presence is one that is most important.


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