I spotted an enemy today.  I believe that an enemy is someone who causes you harm.  It may not be their intent to cause you harm, and it's likely that while this person is an enemy to you, he/she is a supporter of others.  But for you, that person stood in the way, harmed you and caused a difficult experience in your life.

I am one of those people that believe people are generally good, and that most interactions that cause pain come from a place of pain, unknowing, ego, greed or ignorance. So what do we do about our enemies--the individuals that cause us the most pain in life?

First, we must analyze and recognize the entire situation.  What part of the destructive act, if any, did you own?  Why did the person act the way they did; what life circumstances led them in that direction?  Is there any way you can deter a similar act or experience in the future?  Are you safe from that enemy now, and if not what can you do to create safety?

Once you understand the destructive act as fully as you can, you have to move on.  You have to recognize the truth to the best of your ability about that individual and the truth about your own actions with regard to the situation.  Then you have to move forward.

In my case, the enemy acted without taking time to understand my situation. The enemy didn't even make the time to discuss the situation with me prior to acting, and the enemy did not look deeper.  The enemy was in a personally troubling time, and by hurting me, gained short-term power and triumph.  I've seen that happen before, a person in trouble "steps on someone else" to relieve the pain and move ahead, but the elevation is limited and over time I've noticed those people fall again and again.

As for me, it was easy for the enemy to knock me down at the time as I had obvious areas of life to finesse, areas I wasn't really aware of at the time.  The enemy could have chosen to work with me, help me and lead me forward, but instead the enemy didn't take or make the time.

So in the end, it was a learning experience and a minor downfall in relation to the terrible things that can happen.  The best learning that came from it is that you don't want to be anyone's true enemy.  Instead, it's best to work things out with people with honesty, grace and care. If that's not possible, seek out help from others, even the law if necessary.  Finally, if there's still no hope, you may have to remove yourself from the situation and let time bring healing and understanding.

What is an enemy to you?  How do you deal with enemies? What do you eventually learn from enemy interactions? How able are you to move forward?


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