Sometimes You Have to Leave Home to Find It

During my college years, I took a memorable class titled Pilgrims, Prophets and Lovers. We read the life stories of many and discussed their journeys.  At the time, I was fully invested in my own journey and to the dismay of my Jesuit instructor, I didn't do all the work assigned.  I did, however, leave the course with the notion of journey and finding one's vocation, passion and direction in life.

What always struck me was the fact that many leave home to find it.  I have watched friends who have done this, and now I am watching my own children venture.  When do we nudge our loved ones forward to find their lives?  How do we support their journey without being overbearing, yet  giving enough support to strengthen their path?  When in our lives, do we need to leave home for short periods of time to recollect, review and reenergize for the continued journey ahead?

Leaving home to find it is a powerful experience, one that you'll recognize in the journeys of those you most admire and emulate.


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