The Holidays: What's Important?

Television ads, newspapers and holiday music send messages of endless time, energy, funds and frivolity, but the reality is that there are limitations for all of us when it comes to the holidays, and how you deal with those limitations can make or break the season for you.

Overindulgence of gift purchases, spending, eating and partying can dull the season for many and take one's focus away from what's really important--sharing the season of light with those you cherish and love.

So it's important to gear up for the season by taking the time to acknowledge what's most important to you and making time to celebrate with the people you prioritize in the ways that you enjoy celebrating the most.  That will differ from person to person, and in a family it's important to let everyone have a say in the festivity planning and execution.

What will the holiday season bring to you?  Who will you celebrate with and how will you celebrate without spending too much or going beyond your means.  It's a special time of year, and giving it the time up front to plan and prepare will make the holidays joyous and memorable.  Enjoy!


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