A Season of Light

On a dreary, cold wet night a couple of weeks ago I drove home thankful for the many bright lights that shone from the windows of small homes. I was thankful for the light amidst the gloom.

Now that the season of light is upon us, and so many are gathering to celebrate many traditions and religious holidays, I want to take a few minutes to look ahead and plan so that this season does not pass without meaning and care.

What light can I bring to this season?  What gifts can I bestow that add to a spirit of happiness, care and love? What events will I embrace, and what activities will I dismiss in order to keep the glow burning during the long winter days and nights?

In the classroom, I will make a bit more time than usual to listen to children's stories and provide a mostly quiet, calm atmosphere to complement the revelry outside of school. We'll make time for celebration too as we share our poetry projects with friends and family members in our poetry cafe.

At home, we'll put the candles in the window and decorate with holiday lights and ornaments.  We'll plan a special meal for Christmas Day and exchange small gifts to acknowledge of love for each other.  Then we'll take off for a simple, family adventure for a couple of days.

I will look for ways to be generous and open hearted too during this time of year -- this season of light.


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