Happy Christmas

On my blog, I hope to capture the moments of family life that we cherish--the times we plan for and live for.  Life's special moments come and go, and in my simple poetry I hope to capture these moments like photos on a page to relish in the future.  

They'll arrive just after noon
With arms full of presents.
Lots of little girls:
Zoey, Sophia, Athena, Raney, Hannah, Michaela
and Miles, one little boy.
The teens will come too:
Sean, Elizabeth, Lucey, and Matt.
Then the young adults: Ryan, Nina and Brandon.
Finally all of us parents, young and old.
Nanny and Grampy too
They'll lead the charge with cheer and good will.
We'll share a hot meal,
Stories and laughter,
Play and care.
The $10 grab will be silly and fun.
A celebration to cherish.
A long-held, family tradition.
Born of the love of so many
Who are here and who are gone.


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