Traditions stay the same, and traditions change.

As a mother of young children, I was inspired to start and continue many traditions for our young family.

Now I'm the mom of older children, children who are beginning their own lives and traditions.  It's a curve in the road, one I want to attend to with care.

What traditions can we continue from our "young family" days, and what new traditions will we begin for our older family--traditions I hope that we can continue in the years to come?

When thinking about traditions, it's essential to think about the collective personality, interests and needs of your family group.  Every family differs with regard to this.

For my family, the following traditions are almost always successful.
  • A dinner out.  We tend to slow down; appreciate each other and enjoy each others' stories when we do this.
  • Family hikes. We all enjoy the outdoors and time together to explore.
  • Scrabble. Most of us like to challenge each other with this game.
  • Movies. A good movie with action, romance and humor usually attracts the attention of all.
  • Extended Family. Everyone enjoys a chance to visit with the uncles, aunts and cousins.
Creating a year-long, rough schedule for families gives everyone something to look forward to, and time to save money in between to support the special events.  Without attention to a schedule of sorts for family celebration, it's possible that a whole year can pass without taking the time to appreciate and enjoy each others' company.  What does your yearly celebration schedule include? Here's a rough draft of mine.

  • A holiday dinner with the immediate family and extended family.  
  • A small adventure of sorts to share with close family members, and movies, games and hikes.
Weekly: At least one family meal that's a bit more special than the others, and a day for family fun.

Spring, Summer and Fall: A short, focused family adventure or celebration for each season.  If money an time allows, perhaps a bit longer celebration in the summer. 

Traditions and celebrations are the glue that holds families together. It's important to find the right balance of tradition/celebration and everyday activities as well as time together and time for individual pursuits.  


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