Life's Hard Lessons

Life brings with it difficult, painful lessons.  You err, make a bad choice, travel a wrong path--it happens.  Then what?

First, acknowledge the fact that life is not without painful errors--we all make them.  If we allow ourselves, we can learn from these lessons too.

Next, give yourself a break--you're human; you make mistakes.  Most mistakes are small when you consider the big picture of life.  Take some time out.  Rest up and reflect about what went wrong.

Make amends. Apologize, fix the error if possible and then think about ways that you won't let that happen again. Seek out the help of friends, family members and others if needed.

Move forward one day at a day.  Time heals wounds, and the pain and suffering that leads to the healing is part of the teacher.

It's almost more painful when someone you love errs. You feel their pain and hate to see them endure the suffering that comes from error.  Yet, as a good friend or family member, the key is to be there, acknowledge the error, pain and suffering, and offer any help you can give to remedy the situation so that it does not happen again.

Life's journey is not always as easy as we'd like it to be.  The pain and suffering helps us to develop compassion, empathy and our best selves.  Life hands out some hard lessons, and the key to happiness and growth lies in how we handle the difficult times.


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