Happy College Days!

Off to college. Memories of our own college days come to mind.  What advice should we give him? How should we prepare him?

First, you've chosen a great school--it's a perfect match for you.  The classes are sized right for your learning style, the profs are dedicated, and the college itself looks out for the students. You've got a lot of support there, so don't hesitate to reach out when needed.

Your classmates won't be just like you. They represent a mix of culture, geography, gender, interests, and styles.  Find those you like to hang with, but make a point of spending time with the others too. A great gift of life is that one can't be all things, but one can experience much outside of his/her comfort zone through others.  I challenge you to join a club or group that is outside of your natural interests and leaning, just to push yourself to grow with greater depth and breadth.

Appreciate this gift. There will be no other time in your life when you can dedicate yourself to personal growth like the college years. In every direction there's an opportunity, your energy and strength are potent--use that power to empower yourself with promising decisions and actions.

Do the right thing when it comes to big choices. Yes, you'll make plenty of mistakes and we know that's how you learn, but stay away from those big mistakes that sometimes happen--the kinds of mistakes where there's no turning back. Treat others with respect, be mindful of your body's needs and limitations, and when it gets tough, take a break.  Remember we're only a phone call and drive away--it's amazing what a change of scenery can do.

Follow your passions. College is often a time when your passions take hold of you--you realize that there are activities, people, and places that speak to you with strength--find an area of study and expertise that you're passionate about and pursue that.

Have fun. Explore the area surrounding the college. Make sure you visit every building. Find your favorite nooks and crannies to study in. Visit the gym, swim in the pool, and work in the college garden. Do something nice for someone who needs it, and perhaps volunteer at a community organization.  Give to the college community.

We're excited to share and support you in this college adventure.  Do your best, be kind, and stay in touch. Love, Us!


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