Easter Memories

The little, green cape that I lived in was four houses away from our church, St. George's. On Sundays, church goers parked their cars all along our street. As a young child I looked forward to the drama and theater the Easter masses brought. I often attended the masses with my grandmother who lived across the street. The smell of incense, the washing of the feet, the bare alter on Good Friday, and the joy of Easter Sunday filled me up. I wondered and watched a lot during those ceremonies so many years ago. When we woke up on Easter morning, baskets filled with candy greeted us. "The Easter Bunny Came!" we would call out to each other. Soon after we were tasting those sweet treats: marshmallow chicks, jelly beans, chocolate bunnies, and peanut butter eggs. We always had new clothes for Easter day--shiny patent leather shoes, tights, a new dress, hat, and often a coat too. Later, we'd gather with cousins (I have 56 first cousins) at our house or one of my aunt's or uncle's houses. Each family would stand together for a photo, and then we'd play and play and play. Typically after the meal was served, the women would gather in one room while Aunt Miriam entertained them with her stories, and the men would gather in another, usually the kitchen, telling their tales. The children ran up and down stairs, in and out of tables, and around the house gleefully laughing and calling out. Those Easter memories warm me as I start another Easter day. Today my husband, boys, and I will drive to my brother's home near the beach. Much like years past, the children will play while the adults serve the meal and share stories. The dress isn't as fancy as the past, but the camaraderie carries the same warmth. Easter, a bright day for moving forward with renewal and light. Happy Easter 2014.


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