Sometimes You Don't Have the Answers

It's very difficult to stand by and watch a loved one struggle when you don't have the answers.

You can project solutions in their direction, but sometimes you just have to stand by with care while the loved one finds their own way.

Sometimes you yourself may be struggling with an issue that you know your family can't solve, you understand that it has to come from you, and the only way to reach resolve is to give the issue time and care.

The best we can do is be there for one another, and when we have what someone else needs generously give those gifts of time, care, and endeavor, and when we don't be present, listen, and respond as you can.

Loving each other well doesn't mean that you can heal all wounds, prevent struggle, or have all the answers, it mostly means that you're willing to journey with each other towards good living and care for one another.


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