Christmas 2014

I just read back my musings from last Christmas. Though not overly poetic, the simple prose captured the holiday and gave me a point of comparison. So today, Christmas Eve morning, I sit in a quiet house before dawn thinking about the celebrations to come, what I hope for, and what I'll do.

What I want most this Christmas
Is the chance
To watch those I love
To hear their words
And enjoy the time we have together.

I want my family to feel welcome
In my home
With hot, fresh foods.
Sweet treats.
And care for each other.

I'd like a laugh or two as well.
And the chance to hear the young people talk
Of dreams, adventures, and fun.

I want to watch the little children play
And see their eyes light up when they open their gifts
on this wonderful day.

A game of Scrabble might be nice
It brings us together as we challenge each other.
A hike in the woods and a walk along the pretty, city streets too
Will round out the week with pleasure.

To prepare I'll wrap more gifts,
Buy the food,
Clean up,
And cook.

Hopefully it will be a simple week of celebration
One without unexpected surprise or sorrow
A chance to give to one another
Our love and hopes for tomorrow.

Merry Christmas!


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