Preparing the Home for the Holidays

Finally I am able to put work aside to focus on home and family.

It's time to prepare the home for the holidays.

What does that mean?

First, it's a time to clean and purge. I want to get rid of all the useless objects and clean up so our home is ready to welcome guests and celebrate.

Next, I want to buy a couple of decorative items that will brighten the house with a fresh look. I'll likely buy new lights and garland for the mantle and doorway.

And gifts, I'll make some time to shop for a few surprises for those I love--gifts that will make them smile.

Then good food. I'll make time to bake some of our holiday favorites such as Christmas crepes, cranberry bread, and molasses cookies.

Most of all this holiday season, I want to make the time to enjoy the people I love with good food, exchange of stories, walks in the woods, games and movies.


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