Humility and Success

As I watch my children grow, I am cognizant of their periods of strength and periods of struggle. With three children it seems like someone is always at one place or another, but rarely are all struggling or succeeding at the same time.

Recently one of my son's experienced a triumph. He was elated and so was I. I was also aware that one's triumph is sometimes another's struggle so as I spoke to my son I reminded him of humility. I said, "You want to enjoy your success, but be humble too. Make some personal goals for yourself to continue this strong journey, and also make the time to share that strength with others by supporting their goals and hard work."  He understood.

So often in my life people were compared and it was thought that some were better than others, but as a teacher and mother, I know that's not true. What is true is that we're all on a journey to be who we want to be, and our journey is interdependent as none of what we are is our own. We are the sum of all the influences before us, around us, and within us.

Allowing our children to understand the idea of journey and the reality of interdependence will help them to be more successful, aware, humble, and willing to work with and for others. That's much better than the one-way competition and comparison of the past.

This post was inspired in part by this brainpickings post.


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