Focus on Family

My family is growing and changing at a tremendous rate these days. Daily there are changes that impact almost all we do. This is when it's important to take a step back, and think deeply about family culture.

In this regard, Godin's post, Demand Higher Standards, resonates.

What does my family need to develop with love and strength?

First, I want to rid our family of the race metaphor, and instead support my family members toward reaching for richer, deeper life experiences. I want to help them think about what they love and what they want to do, and then help them access the resources and work that will help them achieve those goals.

Next, I want to work a bit more at making our home simple, loving, and welcoming. By ridding our house of all the unnecessary items and cleaning up the rooms and spaces, we'll create an even better place for family time.

After that, I want to make time for each person in my family. Time to really hear their stories, support their dreams, and enjoy their interests.

Family, in its broadest, most loving definition, is our greatest gift. Making the time to honor and develop that gift enriches our experience of life.


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