Canoe to School

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Many years ago my naturalist oldest son canoed to school.  He placed the canoe in the River about a quarter mile behind our house and set off in the early morning hours to his high school which is down river.

Today my youngest son, many years later, is continuing the tradition by canoeing to school with his friend. This positive tradition serves to challenge and excite teens.

There are so many ways that we can use our imaginations and efforts to foster imaginative, exciting, and challenging events that are positive rather than the kinds of events teens sometimes find themselves entangled in.

How do pogo sticks on the playground
impact recess?
Another idea I've always wanted to embed into our school culture is the Amazing Race--a day when all students are invited to come to school with innovative, green-energy vehicles. I imagine someone will champion that idea soon.

One more idea is to have pogo sticks at every elementary school since students at my school are loving the ability to play with the pogo stick at recess.

What other healthy, positive imaginative ideas does your school employ to empower and engage students. These kinds of ideas make a positive difference in the lives of those we serve.


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