When Good People Pass

There have been a number of losses in our midst.

Removed from our intimate circles, but close to our community connections, these people were important parts of the fabric of life for the community and those we care about.

Some passed after long illnesses and others were lost due to unexpected accidents or tragedy.

Life has changed for many around us due to these losses and my heart breaks as I think of their loved ones.

These losses remind me of both the fragility and gift of life.

The best way to honor these lives is to live well, and to live fully with generosity and care.

What does that look like?
  • Taking the extra time to reach out, listen, help, respond.
  • Enjoying the company of those I love.
  • Gratefulness for the joy children bring to my life everyday.
We have to appreciate the good people in our lives every day. 


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