Children Take Home With Them As They Grow

When your children get older and begin to venture from home, they often become a part of worlds unknown to you, worlds that you have never experienced or navigated. As parents we are used to helping our children find their way, yet when the ways they've chosen are paths we've not encountered, we can only hope that the lessons and love we instilled in them from an early age will carry them forth.

The work we do with our children while they are young is very important work. In fact, the importance of that work is sometimes difficult to see while children are young and so clear to see when they get older. They carry forth the lessons they learn in our homes--lessons we've taught well and lessons we wish we taught better.

We too, as parents, carry forth lessons we learned in our own homes as children.

As I ponder this reality, I realize how important it is for us as a community to support families and young children. It's a difficult and important job to parent well, and when communities support that job with honor and real time help such as reasonable wages, fair work hours, good schools, healthy environments, and quality medical care, families and the community thrive.

As our own children get older, it's important to make the time to support their adventures and choices, and it's also important to make sure they take home, a good home, wherever they go.


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