Family Time: Summer

Summer has started and the family is moving in multiple directions.

That can be challenging for a mom who's trying to be supportive and wanting to respect my late teen and young adult children's needs for independence.

We share resources and responsibility for the home, cars, work, meals, and chores, and we all need to rely on one another too to get it all done.

At these junctures of one season to the next and changes in family structure/responsibility, it's best to make the time to figure out what everyone needs and how we're going to support one another with our best effort and care.

Watching your children venture into their life is a point of pride and worry. While we are proud of their accomplishments, adventures, and will to find their path, we also worry with our knowledge that the road isn't always easy.

Summer finds me laying the teacher role aside and adjusting the parent role to meet the celebrations, adventures, and challenges ahead.


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