Father's Day 2015

Today I'll host my family for Father's Day.

I was fortunate to grow up with a great dad. I am most grateful for his sense of adventure, willingness to talk about deep and meaningful issues, and his generosity of time and resources to many.

Dad introduced us to wonderful adventures from an early age. We spent many a day exploring in nature in the mountains, forests, and beaches. We also visited city museums, parks, and historic sites throughout New England and eastern Canada.

At home, Dad was always a reliable member of our family who was home for dinner each night and helpful with regard to our needs and interests. Still today, I call Dad when I need advice or want to share a story. I can always count on him for an honest, thoughtful remark or response. Many in and beyond our family are grateful to our dad who has been generous to so many.

Similar to my dad, I'm married to a man who is a terrific dad. As a mom of three sons, that's such a tremendous gift. My husband and their dad spends most of his free time contributing to our family by helping out at home, attending the boys' special events, and responding to our needs. He's definitely the glue that holds us all together with strength and happiness and I am forever grateful for this.

So now, instead of writing, I'll attend to the tasks to prepare a nice meal and ready the home for a family gathering. The older I get, the more I appreciate the fact that we have celebrations like Father's Day--times when we can honor those we love and those who make our lives special and meaningful.


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