Trust Our Children's Choices

As children move from their childhood home to adulthood, they will make many choices. Some choices will be easy to understand and support, and others will be challenging to know and nurture. When our children make choices that we don't understand well, but recognize the potential worth, we have to trust and have faith. We cannot know all about our children's paths as they will venture far from our world into their own.

As they venture, we can give them our thoughts, good will, and support, but we can't tell them exactly where to go or how to get there. They will discover that for themselves.

We can choose to worry or fret over every decision they make, or we can choose to trust that their lives, like our own lives, will have their share of challenges and success. And it's in our camaraderie and care where we'll find the valuable strength, community, and love that make the paths worthwhile.


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