Don't Despair, Happiness Awaits

So often in life I've felt bad for those going through a hard time. I worried for them and wished I had the solution. Then time later I find that their despair has gone and happiness has arrived. The constant in all of these situations is that the individuals sought new paths and solutions and didn't give up.

I was reminded of that today when I saw a young woman I knew who was so happy after a terrible time of despair.

Then I thought of the many instances in my life where I've seen this occur such as the woman who wanted a child so badly and then finally after such a long wait ended up with a beautiful family. Or the individual who suffered a terrible loss, but later met a wonderful partner, and the person who thought she'd never marry at last meet a wonderful man.

The reality is that we can't predict the path, but we can continue to move towards happiness and success in every way possible. It helps to surround yourself with those that support you and not to give up or lose hope because happiness awaits.


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