Preparing for Grandchildren

No one is having a baby. In fact none of my boys are near marriage, but as I think ahead I find myself preparing to be a grandmother.

I see that as a next, exciting stage of life--one that I can imagine my husband and I will embrace.

I suppose that idea was planted when I ran into a young colleague with her two babies. As we talked, I realized that her mom was only a couple of years older than me. That got me thinking--how can I set the stage for this next stage.

First, as I expressed earlier, I simplified my home. I got rid of almost all the extras in drawers, closets, and hallways. There actually weren't that many extra items, and most of what I found was too worn or used to give away, but the house feels a lot better without those unnecessary items.

After that, I want to save some money so I can either fix up my home or buy a new home that will invite and welcome my children and perhaps grandchildren in the future. I've watched my cousin do this and have seen the positive effect it has had on her extended family.

And, of course, I've got to focus on health as I want to be energetic and healthy if and when these little ones arrive. Onward.


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