The Family Triathlon

My son readies for the bike to run transition. 
Many years ago my sister gave my son coaching and the sign-up fee for a triathlon. She coached his efforts prior to the contest and during the event. It was a wonderful event for all especially my son who was a preteen at the time as it resulted in increased athleticism and confidence.

Since that time my sister has encouraged many family members to compete in triathlons. One nice aspect of these events is that almost anyone can work up to participation and you can begin your participation as part of a team where you only do one of the three events, either swim, bike, or run. There are also triathlons that are run, bike, kayak events too.

For a family member's 50th birthday, about ten of us competed in a triathlon in a beautiful location. It was lots of fun to celebrate that milestone with family members and a healthy, family event.

Triathlon participants bring all kinds of stories too. Yesterday, during a local triathlon, a woman told me the story of how triathlon participation had helped her beat cancer, lose weight, and move past orthopedic issues too. It was amazing to hear her tale. Similarly it was wonderful to watch triathletes slow and fast, old and young, first timers and experienced run the course.

In summary, if you and your family members are looking for an enjoyable, healthy event to work up to, a triathlon may be the event for you.


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