Wisdom From Lives Past

I attended a funeral this week. An 88 year old man I knew died. The church was full of those who loved and admired him as well as those he loved. 

His sons eloquently recapped the man's life with an emphasis on the way he reached out and connected his friends and family to one another in positive, loving ways. I knew first hand what they described as my conversations with this kind man had connected me to his story and those he loved. Even in death this man's life reached forward through the words of those he loved throughout the ceremony. 

For me this sad event translated into thoughts about deepening the ties in my own extended family group by reaching out and in with meaningful effort. 

Similarly I witnessed this kind of effort this week as my siblings generously shared their surf equipment and expertise with my sons, their nephews. I also watched one family member kindly share time and care in the surf with an older, more fragile family friend. We shared stories, humor, and care on the beach. There are so many ways to build our family, friend, and community ties with strength as the long, generous life of one man inspired so well. 


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