The Parent Path

It's beneficial to stop now and then to assess your parent path.

Are you the parent you want to be? Where can you improve in this important effort, and where are you doing a fine job?

As I think about parenting a teen and young adults, I recognize that the most important job is to create a sense of home--a place where they can be themselves and find the support, coaching, and care that helps them navigate the lives they want to live.

I wrote a post about creating home in the past, and I still hold that post close as I think of my need to create home for my family.

Also, as I think about my responsibility, a big part lies in supporting the home too which means keeping up in my professional sphere too so that I can afford a lifestyle that supports a sense of home.

It's that time of the year when the pattern matters--a good routine of meeting expectations, making time for each other, and planning some fun times ahead too. Onward.


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