Thinking About the Long Run

As I visited with a few relatives recently, I thought about time. So often we live as if we'll live forever, but the reality is that time is limited. It doesn't hurt to listen to that reality now and then as you think about how you spend your time and money and where you place your priorities.

As I sat with these relatives the reality that we won't all be together always hit. The limitation of time seemed so present to all of us, but none of us spoke about it at that moment. Later I thought more about it calculating probable time ahead.

While I watch my sons venture off, the reality hits too. As they embark on their own lives, there's a bit of fear with the knowledge that we don't really know what's ahead, but then we can dismiss those thoughts with the reality that most things turn out pretty much as expected when we consider the big picture.

As I think about this today, I wonder about my own time and focus.

What's important to me?

Like so many, family is first, and the desire to learn, create, experience, and contribute second.

I guess the aim is a good life with those I love and plenty of simple, natural beauty and adventure too.

A good pattern of living as well with less quantity and better quality.

Doing what's right and good for myself and others.


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