Thanksgiving: Be Apart of Something Wonderful

When I read the news which I mostly call the "bad news," I wonder about the many whose acts serve to demean and demise all that is good and holds promise. Who and/or what blocked these perpetrators' vision of the goodness and promise possible in each life? How can they believe that acts of terror, harm, hate, or violence can enrich their lives or the lives of any others now or into the future?

The acts of hatred and pain are difficult to understand, yet we know that there are those who are raised and develop without hope, care, and the ability to dream or contribute to that which is good. There are also those who turn to hatred, hurt, and harm instead of looking for a promising path of redemption, health, or a better life because they have become blinded by life's events, mental illness, the lure of evil, or physical plight. It seems that in the face of this terror, many turn to despair and see no hope for our future.

This Thanksgiving provides each of us with an opportunity to be apart of something wonderful. That wonderful could be found in our homes, our neighborhoods, and communities. It can include small acts of kindness and contribution as well as time to restore ourselves so that when we return to the business of life at work or at school, we have what we need to be positive and supportive of those we work with and for.

As I go home tonight to prepare for the family feast, I'll think about ways that I can "be apart of something wonderful" this Thanksgiving. I'll find small ways to show that I care to those I love and care about.

We live in a complex world that often spends too much time on acts of terror and hate rather than acts of kindness and care. The rhetoric of some would make us think that we are unable to reach out, care for one another, build strong communities, and work for win-win solutions to community, national, and world issues. There's positive challenges to meet when it comes to the communication, process, and contribution needed to build strong lives for all, but there's potential to meet those challenges if we truly embrace them with positivity, hopefulness, and the belief that we can make a difference.

There is great promise to meet, and though we also face tremendous challenge, it's my hope that everyone in our nation will strive to be apart of something wonderful this Thanksgiving. I know that I'll certainly try.


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