Holiday Gift to Family and Self: Create Peace

I'm sure my family will laugh if they see this title as our home was anything but peaceful yesterday as I tried to tackle a large number of holiday tasks with little to no energy. I was absolutely depleted and eventually totally frustrated. I love the holidays. I enjoy the decorating, baking, gift shopping, parties, and special times, but none of this can happen the way I want it to when I'm exhausted.

Last week was one of those weeks that demanded the best of me in multiple directions. I took on a bit too much this semester which left me tired beyond reason as many initiatives came to a close last week. The fact that my mind can see far more than my body can do has always been a challenge for me and consequently for those close to me too.

A deep movie and lots of laughter with last night's extraordinary Saturday Night Live holiday show was just what the doctor ordered, and today I'm ready to embrace the holiday with "create peace" as my motto. None of us in this house need a lot of presents, but what we all crave is those kind, happy family/friend gatherings amongst the holiday lights, music, small gifts, and story.

It's that time in the holiday when I really think about what's important. For me, I'll focus on the following:
  • Creating a welcoming home.
  • Cooking and preparing some tasty, healthy food.
  • Wrapping gifts for people I love.
  • Laughter, good music, love, and care.
I wish the same for all who celebrate holidays at this time of year. I'm glad that we brighten the gray days of winter's start with a season of light. Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! May you find peace and joy in all whom you love and all that you celebrate in the days to come. 


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