The Job Search: Advice

As the mother of two young adults and a professional myself, the topic of job searches often comes up. I have the following advice for anyone whose interested in finding jobs that meet their interests, passions, skills, knowledge, and future plans.

Create a Profile
Think about who you are and create a public profile that includes an ePortfolio with a resume and other pertinent links. Your ePortfolio becomes an easy to share and update personal profile. You will also want to create a LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ , and Professional Facebook account. There are other platforms to consider too such as Medium.

Sign Up at Job Search Sites
Daily I get a list of wonderful jobs related to my areas of interest. I'm very happy at my current job, but sometimes I see opportunities for part-time work or growth that I reach out for. I can apply for these positions in a matter of minutes since I have a profile created.

Network on a regular basis by connecting with those in your field or desired fields via social media and real time conferences, conversations, and events.

Stay Current
Read, research, and learn a out the latest efforts and events in your field. Reach out and get involved in learning events so that you're up to date. Try out new resources and venues regularly. Don't stay static.

Reflect and Focus
Privately and/or publicly reflect. Continually use reflection to hone your skills and focus your path.

Like all of us, our children will enter a professional world that is constantly changing. Their skills at keeping up to date with lifelong learning, application, connection, and contribution will make the difference between a professional career they look forward to and one that may be stagnant.

What would you add to this list? How will you help your children and those you teach to build skills and practice to help themselves in this regard?


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