When Your Questions Aren't Answered

What would be the reasons for not directly answering a question?

It's difficult for me to discern a reason why a question would not be answered.

At time, perhaps, the question reaches into personal issues. For example if you ask a friend a question about her relationship, and if that friend feels the question is too personal, she may not answer.

Or if you step into a situation where people are preparing for a party, a party you're not invited to, they may not answer the question, "Hey, what's going on?"

And, if you're husband is out buying your birthday gift and he wants it to be a surprise, he many not answer the question, "Where did you go?"

I'm trying to think back to a time where I wasn't able to answer questions. Sometimes I don't have the answers because I don't know the answers or haven't had time to organize the answers. When that happens, I usually just say, "I don't know" or "I'll get back to you when I have some time to organize the information."

As I move down the teacher leadership/teaching well role, this is an area I want to understand more. When a question is not answered, what does that mean, and how does one professionally and respectfully respond so that he/she can understand as well as move forward with care and understanding.

I will think more and study this issue in the days ahead. I'll also reach out for greater understanding to those who may be able to help. Onward.


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