College Reunion

College was a high point in my life.

Honestly, the college experience opened doors I never knew existed.

I often tell the story of sitting behind a girl in high school who wore Izod sweaters and button down shirts. I felt bad for the girl thinking that her mom bought all of her clothes, clothes that were different from the leather, jeans, and t's most of my classmates wore. Then I arrived at college only to find classmate upon classmate lining up their colorful Izod sweaters in closets and on the their beds as they unpacked. Thus an introduction to a whole new way of living.

I also remember meeting a young man on my first night who told me about his favorite singer, Bruce Springsteen, whom I never had heard of. This same young man told me that he was planning on "sleeping in" and I asked him if he usually slept outside as I had never heard that term before. "Sleeping in" was "sleeping late" in my neighborhood.

The interactions with so many with unfamiliar interests, traditions, and routines was as much an education to me as the lessons learned in class or via campus events.

Other memorable moments included the introduction to Theihard de Chardin's idea of spiraling to greater good, the history and stories of multiple religions. Theology of Liberation, and the science behind "survival of the fittest."

I learned to draw with nude models--a novelty! I danced all night in dormitory social rooms, and had a number of all nighters too. I spent a lot of time thinking, writing, and drawing as well.

College introduced me to my first love, the keg party, The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola, many, many ideas, awesome questions, poetic analysis, watercolor painting, feminist ideals, and overall a broader world view.

In a few days, I'll have the chance to revisit the campus, attend a mass with classmates, celebrate, remember, and en-joy so many that impacted my life with strength. A good time awaits as I celebrate a meaningful chapter in my life--one I'll be forever grateful for.


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