The Family Vacation

Our family vacations have evolved.

In the early days we tried to replicate the vacations we had as kids--two different types of experiences for a family of different children. Sometimes that worked and sometimes that didn't work.

Now with older children, we've mostly found our vacation mojo--we know what we like alone and together.

A good vacation for our family includes the following:
  • Enough food to keep our big boys satisfied
  • Natural beauty
  • Swimming, biking, walking, riding waves, hiking, exploring
  • Good friends and family
  • Time to do our own thing-read, write, wander, think, sleep. . . .
  • Simple comfort
  • Not too many expectations
Every family has their own vacation style. I've written about this before in the post, What Do You Want From Your Vacation.

Even if it's a simple overnight to a nearby park, beach, or lake, it's important to steal away a little time for vacation with those you love the most. 


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