Supporting Adult Children

I am now a mom of a couple of adult children. That's been a big change.

What's the best way to support these young adults?

First, I want to support their interests and passions by listening, helping out if I can, and being there to partake in their interests now and then.

Next, I want to support their independence while continuing to encourage responsibility and good choices. It's there turn to make money, spend and save money, choose a path(s), find the people they like to spend time with, and chart their course.

I want to continue to make a home that's welcoming--an open door for them when they want to put their feet up, relax, and take a break from their new independence.

It's their life now, and like mine, it's a life of ups and downs. What makes this journey meaningful and more successful is having people who love you and support you, and that sums up what's most important with regard to my role as the mother of adult children.


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