Christmas 2016

The Christmas/holiday month is upon us. I like to think about what that means to me and every year it's a bit different given the events and people that surround me and what's important to them.

At school I'll focus on a greater attention to routine and care--I find that to be a good balance to all the festivities that occur outside and around school. I keep the expectations simple and direct leaving time for students to tell their stories, share their excitement, and be at peace.

At home, I want to choose a few events that will bring the holiday cheer to my family and friends. It's likely we'll have a few special dinners out with those we love, a gathering or two at our house, and gatherings elsewhere. When we entertain or visit, I like to have something special for our guests--it doesn't have to be anything big, but it does have to be thoughtful.

Our Christmas dinner will be easy to serve, but special, honoring our guests and leaving time to talk and enjoy each others company.

We'll likely skip shows in favor of at-home movies and music this year. We'll see some old friends who are visiting from out of town too.

All in all it will be a special month of peace and cheer--a month of celebration that brings the light to December's mostly cold, gray days.


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