Get Your Thanksgiving On 2016

It's Thanksgiving morning and each year I marvel how the way the holiday looks and feels changes year to year as families and lives change.

This year the preparations were easier than ever since my sons are older, my husband had a few days off to prepare the home, and we're following a successful menu from last year. Now it's about staying the course and making sure that as much as possible is ready before the guests come so we can serve them well.

What does it mean to "get your Thanksgiving on" and serve the guests well.

First, create a welcoming home--comfortable spaces to relax in and enjoy each others' company.

Next, lots of healthy, good food.

And, an open attitude to stories, interests, needs, new friends and family members.

The traditions we create and maintain are the same traditions our own children will forward in their lives. I'm thankful to my parents who always put family first with countless family celebrations throughout my life. It's important that we honor this day to come together with those we love in groups large and small to solidify our love and care for one another. Happy Thanksgiving!


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