Holiday Plans

Each year our family is quite different from the year before, and preparing for the holidays calls me to think of those changes as we ready our home for guests and celebrations.

This year finds my own sons far more independent than last year. One will embark on a trip to Egypt right after Thanksgiving. Another may miss the celebration in favor of joining protestors at Standing Rock. A third will entertain us by playing in the traditional holiday football game. With the extended family there's news too including new loves, babies, challenges, and endeavor to celebrate and empathize with.

Not different from last year, my husband and I will do our best to make our home welcoming, the food delicious, and greetings warm. We always feel so fortunate that we have good family and friends to celebrate with.

Our focus throughout the season will be simplicity and camaraderie. The gift money will mostly be spent on past and upcoming adventures and special events rather than material things though there will be a sweater or two and perhaps a game or amusing toys under the tree when Christmas arrives.

The greatest gift we can give each other is love, acceptance, and time at this point in our lives. We busily hurry from here to there, but don't make the time often enough to simply enjoy each others company to share a great movie, meal, walk, or art event even though the opportunity to do so is everywhere in our midst.

I'll set the course for the holiday season today on Veteran's Day, a day when we celebrate the freedom our country enjoys and hopefully will continue to enjoy in the days ahead.


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