Can Pride Prevent Positive Change?

In working with an individual lately, I realized that the individual's pride got in the way of the help needed. Then the lack of help needed created a situation of frustration and despair.

When does our pride get in the way?

How can we work around that so people get the help that they need when they need it.

As I think of the first situation and then another that I experienced recently, I guess it's important to create situations where people don't have to worry about pride--situations that are so welcoming, relaxed, and warm, that people easily put their pride aside when needed to get the help that's advantageous to them.

I know some people who have put pride aside to help themselves or others, and in these cases I've seen good work be done and good growth happen.

I haven't thought a lot about pride in my life. I wonder if it's more of a male issue overall than a female issue. I have explored the topic enough, but plan to soon.


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