Make Time for the Holidays

It's the holidays, and there's so much to do.

As I sit here today, I want to take a few moments to think about the holiday season. No matter what your religion or beliefs, it's clearly awesome to have a holiday during this dark time of the year, a time when the days are short, the color is drab, and the air is cold. If nothing else the lights, celebrations, and song cheer us up and move us forward.

For many of us the holidays represent much more. The holidays are a time to celebrate with those we love. It's a time to rethink our beliefs and commitments related to the holiday's religious and cultural themes, and it's a time to laugh, play, and enjoy.

It's easy to get tangled in what's not that important related to the holidays or to focus on matters of work that take you away from the holiday cheer. To steer clear of unnecessary holiday tangles and too much work is important. Take a break. Focus on what matters. Life is short.

So today as I coach myself in this regard, I am thinking about what I want to do this holiday season and where I want to put my time and energy.

Warm, Welcoming Home
As always I want my home to be welcoming for the family and friends who will join us throughout the holidays.

Above all I enjoy the intimacy of the celebrations my close family members and I enjoy.

Friends and Family Members
I look forward to a few special times with friends and family members.

Students and Colleagues
With students I have a special math project planned, and there are a few celebrations planned with colleagues.

There's some time for renewal and catch-up too which is welcome time.

Happy Holidays!


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