College Visits

Many years ago I wrote a post about the college process. I still subscribe to the process I l outline in that post, but now as I visit colleges with my third son, I am thinking a bit more about the college visits.

Good advice years ago told me it was a good idea to visit colleges, and having two sons already completing four years of college, and one to go, I can tell you that was good advice. When you watch your child walk on a campus, it's very interesting to see how your child reacts to that campus, the information sessions, tours, and more. Children know a lot about themselves, and there is value to that gut reaction a child has when he/she walks on campus.

It's also important to think about what you want for your child. For me, I wanted my children to grow intellectually and that definitely happened with sons one and two, and I want the same positive experience for son three. So as I walk on the campus, I think, is this a place where my child will grow intellectually? Will he have the support to do this, and how will it happen? That's important to me as a parent.

I'm also a big fan of beautiful intriguing places so I look for that too. College provides a rare and wonderful time to study with depth in a community of learners. Finding a place that fits who you are and what you want is very important. There are countless great colleges and universities out there, and I advise families to visit those places to get a good idea about what place meets who your child is now and whom he or she might become in the future.


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