Easter 2017

A special birthday-Easer past.
I have always celebrated Easter. As a young child, I was enamored with all the religious celebrations in and around the holiday. I went to all the Easter-related masses and was intrigued and inspired about the stories and celebrations related to the life of Jesus Christ. Later I studied Ghandi, Day, Mother Teresa and MLK and learned of their strong connections to Christ's life of nonviolence, outreach to the poorest among us, and sacrifice. In college, I had the chance to study world religions which further broadened by understanding of the world around me. In the face of the research, study, prayer, and thought I've done, I still find it all to be a great mystery, a mystery that calls me to reverence, respect, and reflection--I can't even begin to understand any religion with depth, but I respect all religions at their core and with regard to their truths that forward the best of whom we can be as people. It shocks me to find that religion is often at the core of conflict, since almost all religions value peace, love for one another, and common care.

As I think of Easter today, it is a celebration of family and spring--a time to walk the beach, share a meal, tell stories, and exchange laughter. It's a time to honor one another and the efforts we bring forth in our lives to do good and live well.

As I gather with friends and family, I want to be grateful for the family we have and this opportunity to gather. In this light, I wish you all a Happy Easter and celebration of spring.


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