Forsythia Blooms

Like a burst of sunshine the forsythia blooms in and around my home. It is a welcome sight after winter's grays, browns, and whites. Daffodils bright yellow line a little edge of the front of my home--another welcome sight.

Many years ago I pulled a number of small forsythia plants growing wildly near my home and replanted them near my house--now they are big bushy blooms of yellow. My only regret is that I did not replant more of those plants because if I did I would have so many more big bushes of yellow all around my house--bushes that hold back the erosion, create beauty, and border the yard. With this regret in mind, I'll spend the day finding small plants in and around my home to replant in new places to create a hardy erosion-proof yard border Hopefully the days will stay mostly warm so these plants can take root and begin to grow bigger and taller.

Further, scavenging and splitting yard and woods plants saves a lot of money too.


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