Health and Happiness

There is a direct correlation between health and happiness, and as a mom, I'm thinking about how I can support that correlation for myself and my children.

Healthy Food
As much as possible filling the cabinets with healthy choices is a good way to foster healthy eating. This takes a commitment to good shopping and possibly gardening habits. I have my husband to thank for this. For example we were all in the mood for ice cream last night, but instead made a great smoothie with yogurt, frozen fruits, and milk. It tasted better than ice cream. Also roasting veggies in good oils, buying great grains, snacking on nuts, and lessening unhealthy choices are good directions to move in. Eating in rather than out most often works too.

Healthy Activities
Planning vacations at natural places with lots of outdoor activity helps in this regard too. Long walks in cities provide good exercise and interest too. Family sports like hikes, bike rides, kayaking, and more supports good health too.

Making Time to Be Healthy
I know that for me a too-busy schedule often gets in the way of health, so it's important if you can prioritize health into your schedule. It's good if work places also help employees to have reasonable schedules too, schedules that promote healthy choices.

Less Stress and Good Rest
Positive routines lead to less stress and good rest--another way to stay healthy

As I think a lot about family priorities and efforts during this school vacation week, I'm thinking a lot about that correlation between health and happiness, a correlation I hope to strengthen in the days to come.


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