Making a Better Life for my Family

On this quiet, sunny morning at the start of the vacation week, I'm thinking about how to improve life for my intimate and extended family members. What can I do?

A Welcoming Home
The theme of a welcoming home is the first priority. How can I improve my home to make it more welcoming to my family members. The first thing I can do is to simplify my home by getting rid of all the nonessentials for which there are many. I need to make time to lug the countless not-needed objects big and small to local giveaway centers. Hopefully those items will be useful to someone else.

Next, I need to do some painting, fixing, and updating to make my home bright, spacious, and cheerful. I want to make the outside-inside flow better too. I don't like the way my home intersects with the land around it so I want to think about how I might change that. Further I suspect that the future will include more time with siblings and the addition of grandchildren so I want my home to be welcoming to both old folks and little folks.

Shared Adventures
As I look back on my life, my best memories are those that involve shared adventures. I simply treasure the times that my family members and I have embarked on adventures near and far such as climbing a mountain, traveling to a distant location, going to an all-inclusive, visiting a city, and more. I want to make sure that I make time and save money for these shared adventures as often as I can.

Supporting Each Others Dreams
My family members have done a good job supporting each others' dreams. Many family members have extended a hand to me, my husband, and children to offer stepping stones to meeting our plans, goals, and vision. I want to do that for my family members too. This typically involves helping family members to make connections, share in a new experience, and learn about new pathways. One year my sister gave my son the admission and training to a triathlon--that had a long lasting positive effect. She's often shared her wonderful adventure toys such as surfboards, paddle boards, bikes, and workout gear with my sons too which has been terrific. My brother has a little beach cottage and he's welcomed my sons to visit and have beach adventures and jobs. When we reach out with what we have and what we know, we can help each other to create and fulfill important dreams. Supporting a good education and experiences for our children is another way to support their dreams.

Wonderful Meals
Some of our best times as a family have been when we get together to share a meal and tell stories. Meals at homes or meals at restaurants bring us together.

Simple Living and Saving for What's Important
Having a long range plan and saving to afford what's most important also helps family members to live well.

Service to Others
Creating a culture that serves others well is one more way to build a positive family culture.

What would you add to this list?


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