Take Care of Your Friends

There's nothing more troubling than to open up the newspaper and read about a child or young adult who has been hurt or whose life  has been cut short by events that might have been avoided, events like texting while driving, drinking and driving, or leaving a party and getting lost or hurt.

When I read these stories, I worry about my own children and their safety. I call them up, relay the story, and discuss how they might choose differently. They listen with a bit of annoyance typical of any teen or young adult. When my words seem to hold greater authority is when I tell them to take care of their friends and not let their friends drive drunk, text while driving, or leave a party inebriated--then they seem to listen more. I say, "You never want to be responsible for a friend getting hurt or for doing the wrong thing."

Now, I sadly know that error happens, accidents occur, and well meaning, good people are hurt and lose their lives and this is very, very sad. Yet, I want to keep the messages of safe behavior and good choices alive for all young people with the hopes that there will be more safety and care than hurt and harm.

What would you add to this discussion in light of saving lives and promoting good?


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